Technical Artist 

New Zealand or Australia | Remote  |  Full-time

About the business

Synty Studios is a world-leading, award-winning game asset development studio based across New Zealand.

Our studio publishes content for the Unity Asset Store, Unreal Marketplace and our own store.


About the role:

We are looking for a talented technical artist to assist us with an ambitious and exciting project in VR and  metaverse development.


We are looking for an experienced technical artist who will collaborate closely with the art and animation teams to maximize efficiency of rigging and skinning characters.


The role of the Technical Artist is to express the motion of animated characters.  They ensure that all character movements and expressions operate within anatomical reality.


  • 2+ minimum years as a technical artist or rigger 

  • Live in New Zealand, Australia, or a compatible time zone

  • Scripting experience with Python or Mel for Maya.

  • Team player, good communication skills, functional English proficiency.


  • Carry out the rigging and skinning of the characters and props to meet the needs of project animators and of the technical and artistic directors

  • Recognize proper mesh topology as well as repair and/or give feedback to the art team

  • Along with the modeler and art director, develop rigs so animators can create high-quality animations in an optimal way

  • Rig and weight characters, creatures, and props while working closely with 3D modelers and animators

  • Develop related custom tools and help establish engine export pipelines and processes that improve production efficiency 

  • Work directly in-game engine to set up character assets (character meshes, etc.)

  • Test functionality and bug fixing to riggiensure work is game-ready and high-quality 

  • Good knowledge of game engines would be a big plus.


Work/Life Balance

  • 100% remote working

  • Synty Studios prides itself on its work/life balance therefore we don’t do any overtime

  • We feel it's important to stick to manageable hours, we also don’t work public holidays and have an extended summer break

  • We are looking to build the best team with an amazing culture here at Synty Studios

  • Competitive salary/wages


How to Apply

Submit your CV and portfolio of your best work via email by clicking 'Apply Now'.